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Stop swipin!


So you want to show your friends and family certain photos, but you don't want to risk them swiping through your gallery, or worse go through your phone!Then get Stop swipin! Stop swipin allows you to select the photos you want to show then the app can lock your phone and show those selected photos on top of the lock screen. Meaning you can hand over your phone without worrying!
Features:- Select photos and then display them on top of the lock screen for controlled viewing (10+ photos requires pro version).- The photo viewer is on top of the lock screen, so the the back button, home button are also protected by the lock screen hence functioning like a locked gallery viewer!- Easily share photos to Stop swipin directly from photo gallery apps, no need to open Stop swipin! Just share to Stop Swipin and lock!- Create albums, so you don't have to select photos every time you want to show them. (pro version required for saving albums with more than 5 photos).
***App uses screen pinning functionality in android lollipop******Screen pinning can be enabled by going into settings -> Security -> Screen Pinning -> On******App needs the phone to have the lock screen enabled to stop access to the phone***